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Alcoma ZENITH 80

70 / 80 GHz | 1,25 Gbps full duplex
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Alcoma ZENITH 24

All Outdoor | 24 GHz | up to 900 Mbps full duplex | 2x GETH + SFP
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Alcoma ZENITH series

Up to 1250 Mbps full duplex link for licence exempt frequency bands

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Whether you are army or ISP, corporation or state institution, we have backhaul or lastmile radio relay solution for you

Other Solution


If low cost is required and a shorter range is sufficient then license free radio may be the most cost effective solution ...


Having own infrastructure and possibility to supply the best services is necessary for independent ISPs to stay competitive ...

Fixed Networks

Everybody who needs data or internet connection or has its PBX but does not own cable infrastructure is potential user of rr ...

Private Networks

Radio relay link ALCOMA can be easily used for building safe and cost effective closed or open corporate network structure ...

Mobile networks

Radio relay links ALCOMA can serve for data transmission in any mobile network offering combination of E1/T1, Ethernet, STM-1/OC-3 ...

LTE Ready Backhaul

ALCOMA links, especially ZENITH 80 with its more than full gigabit capacity, are suitable for building LTE networks ...


ALCOMA is a leading Czech designer and producer of point to point microwave and millimeter wave radio relay links...

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