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RMA request

  1. Fill in the Form
  2. Print the form. Send the form by pushing "Create an RMA request" button.
  3. Send the product together with the printed form to the address below.


Information required for service department

if you leave this field blank, the warranty will not be accepted

Description of the defect

We ask you to describe your request as accurately as possible (if possible describe also the attempts to repair)
for example: failure appeared because of heat / cold / during switch

Please contact us on adresses below: rmaint[at]alcoma[dot]cz

Delivery address:
Vinšova 11
106 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic


1. - In case the price exceeds the limit set by manufacturer we will immediately contact the responsible person you indicated above.
2. - By agreeing to this term you speed up the repair process. Otherwise, you will always be contacted with a request for approval of the repair price.
ODU ME, MPxxx 400 €   Protected terminal box 80 €
ODU ALxxF 420 €   SDIDU ALxxF 480 €
ALxxF board 400 €   ALxxE board 240 €
Diagnosis service without repair 40 €   Climatic tests, other testing 100 €